Captain Fantastic [Review]

One of few beautiful movies I’ve ever watched. I like the way they live life as freedom sould. Where they live to be themselves, to appreciate nature over bricks, having a life without internet, scrumptious meals of fresh slaughtered deer and own farm egg and vegetables! The best thing is the the scene of a family with knowledgeable thoughts and speech. 

[Allow md to mgnyion these again]. I am really into the lifestyle they are practising at the end of the movie. Living with fresh eggs and vegetables from the backyard, no internet, more interaction with family members, books and nature. Oh yes, they are living a balance life too where they don’t study books all day but exploring the wilderness as well.

Earlier this morning, I had a conversation with my friend about how great her lecturer (the older generation, very old which during his golden years, internet might not be introduced just yet) is with a wider range of knowledge and expertise wandering in her brain. Look at us, the generation of smartphones and wired pixels. We have the access to worldwide knowledge easier than her lecturer but we’re dumber (I believe), we’re still the generations that are relying on gadgets and google for knowledge. Although the knowlege is easier to search but our brains are always empty and dry. Our thoughts are made up from small, unnecessary information and I would assume that we are drugged with too much simplicity and of course on top of it, Internet kills us. If you aren’t one of the generations I’ve mentioned, well done. But for myself I would say that, I’ve cracked enough. I don’t want to be a victim of internet meth anymore. 


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