Captain Fantastic [Review]

One of few beautiful movies I’ve ever watched. I like the way they live life as freedom sould. Where they live to be themselves, to appreciate nature over bricks, having a life without internet, scrumptious meals of fresh slaughtered deer and own farm egg and vegetables! The best thing is the the scene of a family with knowledgeable thoughts and speech. 

[Allow md to mgnyion these again]. I am really into the lifestyle they are practising at the end of the movie. Living with fresh eggs and vegetables from the backyard, no internet, more interaction with family members, books and nature. Oh yes, they are living a balance life too where they don’t study books all day but exploring the wilderness as well.

Earlier this morning, I had a conversation with my friend about how great her lecturer (the older generation, very old which during his golden years, internet might not be introduced just yet) is with a wider range of knowledge and expertise wandering in her brain. Look at us, the generation of smartphones and wired pixels. We have the access to worldwide knowledge easier than her lecturer but we’re dumber (I believe), we’re still the generations that are relying on gadgets and google for knowledge. Although the knowlege is easier to search but our brains are always empty and dry. Our thoughts are made up from small, unnecessary information and I would assume that we are drugged with too much simplicity and of course on top of it, Internet kills us. If you aren’t one of the generations I’ve mentioned, well done. But for myself I would say that, I’ve cracked enough. I don’t want to be a victim of internet meth anymore. 

Appreciation Post. [friends]

Sometimes we take for granted on expressing our love and gratitude for the loving and caring people around us. Today, I decided to write an appreciation entry for all the good friends in my bittersweet life. Your presence light up my world. You brighten my days with your own lovely, crazy ways. Even for thousand days to come, I can’t ever express my A-Z gratitude and I can’t ever pay all the beautiful things you’ve painted in my heart, my dear friends.

Dear friends, I would like you to know that, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I might not show it often but my love for you is blooming beautifully in my small garden of heart.

May Allah gives you the best in this world and hereafter. Only He can repay the great things you have done to everyone and everything around you. Thank you for putting up with me and brighten my world! 🙂

SUMMARY 8 DAYS [South Island NZ]


  • Ferry Welly-Picton: 60nzd (Bluebridge)
  • Flight chc-Welly: 19nzd (Jetstar)
  • Rent Car: 550 ish nzd/8 days


  • 10nzd/day
  • Bought cooked chicken mostly


  • Westport: 60nzd/night/3 people
  • Franz Joseph Glacier: 12-18nzd/night at campsite/person
  • Queenstown: 20nzd/night/female hostel/person
  • Lake Tekapo: 18-23nzd/night at campsite/person
  • Akaroa: 110nzd/night/3 people


Welly-Picton-Abel Tasman-Westport-Punakaiki Pancake Rocks-Hokitika Gorge-Franz Josef Glacier-Thunder Creeks Falls-Blue Pools-End of Lake Wanaka-Lake Hawea Lookout-Queenstown-Te Anau-Mirror Lake-Lake Wanaka-Roys Peak-Mt Cook/Aoraki-Hooker Valley Track-Lake Pukakai-Lake Tekapo-Akaroa-CHC-Welly


  • Horse riding at Te Anau: 95nzd/person/2 hours + snacks
  • Stand Up Paddle Board at Akaroa: 40nzd/4 hours/person
  • Hot Spring at Franz Josef Glacier: 18-23nzd/person
  • Hot Spring at Lake Tekapo: 18-23nzd/person
  • Star Gazing at Lake Tekapo: Free
  • Sight Seeing: Free
  • Hiking Track: Free
  • Walking Track: Free

Plus Cost:

  • Fuel: 60nzd/day
  • Food Hunting: 100nzd/8 days

Roughly total travel budget:

  • Per person spent: 685nzd for 8 days South Island + some activities + food hunting
  • a.k.a RM 2000 (if times 2.9 currency)



Australia Muslim Backpacking

From Sydney to Melbourne, learning new things every milliseconds >,<

Thus, the places I visited in Sydney and Melbourne;

Sydney : Katoomba (Blue Mountains), Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, Paddy’s Market, Time for Thai, Indo Rasa, University of Sydney, UNSW, Malaysian Hall, Coogee Coastal Walk, Bondi Beach, Featherdale Wild Life Park (touch and take photo with koala for free), Aini’s crib.

The best things in Sydney: Pemandangan superb dekat Coogee Beach, Bay and Bondi Beach, dapat jumpa gegurls A-level time college dulu and make new friends. 😀

Melbourne : Queen Victoria Market, Madinah Mosque, San Churos, Victoria State Library, Orang Kaya Bandoora, Ilham and friends’ house, RMIT (city), Blok M (the best juicy marinated beef meal), Chemists, Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay (ada lighthouse), 12 Apostles and (somewhere around there), Maru Koala & Animal Park.

The best things in Melbourne: Dapat kenal dengan Kak Ti, makan Iga Bakar yang sedap gila and dapat kasut baru ada orang baik belanja. 😀

Jzkk kepada semua yang membantu. Terima kasih daun keladi, ada rezeki jumpa lagi!